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Today on the blog I'm happy to share about an exciting new website and newsletter for book lovers - Kangaroo Reads!


Each weekday, Kangaroo Reads provides an exciting assortment of new releases, books available for pre-order, sales and freebies for readers to choose from - all delivered right to your inbox. From there, you can click straight to Amazon and other retail sites to download your copy of the books that interest you. It's that easy!

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Kristine Raymond, the owner of Kangaroo Reads, is an author and reader herself. She knows the challenges that authors face when trying to promote their books and she knows the struggles readers face in finding quality books. Retail sites don't always make it easy simply because there are so many books out there, but with Kangaroo Reads you get an amazing selection of books every weekday for you to choose from. Grab the ones that you think you'll love, and pass on the ones that aren't for you.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Drake by J. K. Snow Blog Tour


When Summer Oliver returns to her hometown busted up and hoping her brother can hid her, she has no idea he is staying with Drake Avery. The one man she has always wanted.

Now hiding from The Ravens, a biker gang that is determine to find her, it will be up to her and some of the Avery brothers to protect her.

Drake is shocked when he finds the one woman he has always had feelings for in his house and completely broken. He will do anything to protect her, even if that means killing the men that are hunting her. Summer has always been considered a kid sister to the Avery boys but Drake is about to change that title. She will be his.  


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Friday, February 5, 2016

Chosen Fool by Scarlett Dawn

Chosen Fool 
Chosen Fool (Forever Evermore, #5) by Scarlett Dawn
Release day: February 5, 2016
Purchase links:
Find the entire series:      

The second saga in the bestselling, Forever Evermore series continues with Chosen Fool, where deception runs deep and Caro’s transitioning life turns even more deadly…

Caroline Jules has received news of a lifetime. She’s going to be Queen to ‘her’ people. Instead of running, as any sane criminal would, she faces the mêlée with all the wits and savvy that her difficult life has honed. With her best friend, Sin, at her side, Caro pushes past the animosity her power inevitably brings, and prepares to rewrite her future.

Until the night Sin leaves, and she is alone.

Now, Caro must face the Royal world and all its intrigues and intricacies by herself. People aren’t always as they appear—and danger lurks behind even the most pleasant face. When a threat not even the Elders can handle puts her new tribe in danger, Caro takes matters into her own hands. Armed with the power of the mysterious spirit Elementals, Caro’s determined to eliminate the evil ransacking the Mysticals. All she needs is time.

But time waits for no fool…and time isn’t as straightforward as it seems.



Author Bio:

New York Times bestselling author and award-winner, Scarlett Dawn is the author of the Forever Evermore new adult fantasy series, the Mark new adult science fiction saga, and the Lion Security contemporary series. She lives in the Midwest, adores her music loud, and demands her fries covered in melted cheese.









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Authors included:
Scarlett Dawn, Laura Thalassa, Rachel E. Carter, Leia Stone, Ashley Stoyanoff, Stacey Marie Brown, and Amber Lynn Natusch
Review by Lee Milum
 Another magnificent achievement by Scarlett Dawn! The snarky Caro changes relationship status more than her underwear! Lol....Love the protectiveness of all the characters, even for one clumsy kick ass survivor! Caro has had it hard and it's about to get harder, but I have a feeling she will always come out on top, because she is a fighter! Can't wait to read the next one!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Divine Ecstasy by Setta Jay Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal 

Divine Ecstasy 

(Book 8 of The Guardians Of The Realms Series)


Setta Jay









The slave of demented Gods, Sacha knew only a life of anguish and suffering until she was reborn as a Guardian of the Realms.  Gifted with immense strength and rare abilities, she has spent thousands of years battling to protect the four Realms with her Guardian family.  Time has allowed her to construct the perfect mask of calm and control so none can see the past shame and immense pain buried in the darkest recesses of her mind.  Now, an encounter with a new and powerful enemy has left Sacha the victim of a poison induced coma that all are unable to heal.  The last thing anyone imagines waking her is a God with the strength and potential to unravel her entire world.

As the most powerful of the Gods, Hades was awakened from the Creators’ enforced sleep to help the Guardians in their quest to find his heinous brother, Apollo.   After a brutal battle with an unknown Goddess leaves him in need of healing he finds himself powerfully drawn into the room of a sleeping seductress.  Her soul calls to him relentlessly, but if he surrenders himself to that connection and gives her the strength to heal, life as he knows it will end.

With their worlds unraveling and new threats at every turn will Sacha’s past destroy them?  Or will she bring a God to his knees and lead them both into Divine Ecstasy. 

Warning: Sexually explicit content, dirty language and Gods behaving badly.


Releases On JANUARY 31st


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Setta's Guardians

On Amazon 

~Hidden Ecstasy prequel (free)



 ~Ecstasy Unbound book 1



  ~Ecstasy Claimed book 2



  ~Denying Ecstasy book 3



  ~Tempting Ecstasy book 4



  ~Piercing Ecstasy book 5



 ~Binding Ecstasy book 6 



  ~Searing Ecstasy book 7



 ~Bundle Pack book 1-3



 ~Bundle Pack book 4-6




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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Love Notes Blog Tour

Susan Scott Shelley Love Notes



Blurb: For years, The Fury's lead guitarist, Zander Rostov, has been living a rock star's dream - sold out shows, platinum albums, and legions of fans. But lately, his band is constantly fighting, he's exhausted and frustrated, and he can't shake the feeling that he should be doing something more with his life. With eight more weeks of touring, he needs to figure out how to deal with the constant tension. He needs a distraction, and finds it in the form of the band's curvy new tour manager.



Buy Link: Just 99cents!!!







Meet Susan Scott Shelley:

Susan Scott Shelley is an award-winning author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense who spends her days writing about tough heroes, smart heroines, and love being the strongest magic there is. 


For as long as she can remember, she has been in love with Love, and the sweeping grand gestures, heart-sighing moments, fiery passion, and quiet comforts it entails. 


In addition to writing romances, she is also a profession voice over artist. Her favorite things include running, sports (especially football and hockey), hard rock and old Hollywood movies. She resides outside Philadelphia with her very own Superhero and believes life should be lived with laughter, enthusiasm, and a sense of wonder.



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Love-Misunderstood Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Love Misunderstood by Ailene Frances! Read on to learn more about the book and enter a really awesome giveaway. So excited to help spread the word about this exciting new historical romance!

Orphaned at the tender age of eight years, Elizabeth spends the next ten years as a ward in the loveless home of her uncle. Eager to be free of his burden,her uncle arranges a union between Elizabeth and Stephen, the future Duke of Eastwick, without first consulting her.

Having her dreams of marrying for love dashed and completely without the guidance of a female to prepare her for what was to come, Elizabeth handles the union poorly. An old friend of her deceased father takes advantage of the situation by convincing her to fund a trip overseas with part of her inheritance He promises to act as her guardian. Eager to be free of a future in a loveless marriage, she sails away toward a new life.

Sadly her guardian was no match for the perils that awaited her in the new world. Alone and forlorn she realizes the love she dreamed of was there all along in the man she married, but did she realize too late?

Now available on:


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About Ailene Frances:

Ailene Frances is the pen name for fantasy romance author Eileen Sheehan. She decided to use a pen name to prevent readers from being confused about the genre. Since her middle name is Frances and she always preferred the spelling of her first name as Ailene. It was a no brainer to attach the pen name of Ailene Frances to her romantic creations.

Most days you can find her sitting at her desk looking out into the hills of the beautiful Southern Tier,NY while she sets her imagination free to create a romantic story with at least one character for her to fall in love with... one book at a time.

Visit Ailene Around the Web:



Love Misunderstood

Vampire Witch Blog Tour


Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Vampire Witch by Eileen Sheehan! Read on to learn more about the book and enter a really awesome giveaway.


For an up and coming witch, Casey Merker, escaping from her wicked mutant-vampire mother and even more wicked newly wedded vampire prince could never have been accomplished without the aid of two centuries old vampire brothers, Geo and Luthias. Amid the running, fighting and avoiding of the dangers and drama that arose during her escape, the brothers each declared his love for Casey. Now Casey must choose. The problem is.... she loves them both!

Now available on:


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About Eileen Sheehan:

Curl up with your e-reader or paperback and lose yourself in Eileen Sheehan's exciting paranormal/fantasy world of magic, time travel, vampires, shape shifters, werewolves, and more! You'll grab the edge of your seat, befriend -and maybe fall in love with- her heros and heroines and have a laugh or two as you enjoy her fast paced novels for readers of most ages.

Visit Eileen Around the Web:



Vampire Witch Giveaway

Monday, January 25, 2016

Wrong Side Girl


WSG Full cover  

 Cole has been Lizzy’s best friend from the moment he found her crying in the woods two weeks before her tenth birthday. Growing up without a father, Lizzy was raised by her alcoholic and drug-addicted mother. Being branded as the town whore's daughter, she had one bright spot in her dark world: Cole. He was the one constant in her life, the only person she trusted would never let her down. He’s her savior, her protector…and the secret love of her life. Now, sixteen years later, they both live successful lives in Boston. But while Lizzy still harbors hope that one day Cole will come around and see what’s right in front of his eyes, Cole enjoys his bachelor lifestyle with no intentions of slowing down. It’s time for Lizzy to move on.

 Cole has been in love with Lizzy since he can remember. Those gorgeous but sad green eyes of hers have held him captive since he was twelve years old. But she is too pure, too perfect, too innocent for him and his lustful and promiscuous thoughts.

He has promised himself he won’t touch her. That is, until he doesn’t have a choice but to claim her as his or lose her forever.

 Is it possible for them to have what both their hearts desire or will the cruelty of life keep them apart?




Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon AU 

Free on Kindle Unlimted



When Lizzy opened her door my jaw fell to the floor.

Holy hell, she was sexy.

I had never seen her in a dress. Well, that wasn’t true. As a child, she wore dresses all the time. I had seen her in sexy get-ups when we went out clubbing, but she always wore jeans, sexy jeans, but still jeans, paired with a tight top.

This was something else.

Her dress was all black. It had no sleeves, so it showed off her sexy arms and shoulders, but had something like a turtleneck that wasn’t a turtleneck. It looked hot as hell. And it was short. Extremely short. I hoped to God that it covered her ass. It was clingy in all the right places and left nothing to the imagination.

It took me a second to recover from that view. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the body that was now mine to explore. My dick twitched in my pants in anticipation, impatient.

Yeah, buddy, I know exactly what you’re feeling right now.

But I had told myself that I would not have sex with her until she was absolutely sure she could trust me with her body. When I took her for the first time, I wanted all of her. Holding nothing back. Having no doubts.

Looking at her now, I could tell I was going to take a cold shower tonight. A very long, very cold shower, or maybe a hot one where I would jerk myself off again and again thinking about her in that dress.

My dick was straining against my fly. I took a deep breath to rein him in as my eyes travelled up her body to meet her dancing ones.

“You done?” she asked me teasingly, her eyebrows raised.

“Nope,” I said and let my eyes wander again. That made her laugh out loud. A grin spread across my face. I had it back. Her laugh. My laugh.

She stepped back from the door to invite me inside, but I shook my head.

“No, baby. Right now, I want to rip that dress off of your hot body so I can explore every inch of you. I don’t trust myself enough to not ravage you, so you need to come out here where you’re relatively safe.”

She pressed her lips together to keep from laughing, grabbed her purse from the little table by the door, then turned around to pull the door closed and locked up. At the sight presented to me when she turned, I groaned. And my dick stood at full attention.

Her back was completely bare.

Naked skin from shoulder to just above her ass.

No bra.

My hands had a mind of their own when they gripped her hips and squeezed. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath through my nose, trying to tamp down my instant arousal.

Jesus! I had never been this turned on by a dress. Or anything for that matter.

She was going to be my undoing.


Connect with the Author

Julia Goda Author pic

  I have been writing stories in my head since I can remember. Much to my teachers’ dismay, given the task of writing a short essay I would always come back with way too long and detailed stories. Many discussions (I have always been somewhat of a smart-aleck) and bad grades were the result, so that for most of my life I thought I couldn’t write worth a damn and pursued other careers. But the dream of being an author wouldn’t be ignored and kept lingering. With a little help from my fantastic husband, who gave me the necessary kick in the behind, I was finally brave enough to start writing my first novel and finished it only a few short weeks later—well, the first draft, that is. But the seal was broken and since then I have enjoyed given myself over to my stories and making them come to live.

 My novels jump genres and touch on all kinds of different topics, but the things I try to focus on no matter what are romance, strong women, and a good sense of humor.

 Now, when I’m not in my writing cave, spinning the tales that have been prodding me or editing (yes, I am also a professional editor, guess that degree in Literature and Linguistics turned out to be useful after all!), I enjoy reading, drinking coffee, eating good food, and listening to rock music.

 I have lived in Germany (Lower Saxony to be exact, the rainy-winter and super-humid-summer part), Virginia, and Colorado (where I fell in love with Boulder and the Rocky Mountains). My current home is Southern Alberta, Canada, where I live close enough to the Rockies with my husband and chocolate lab to enjoy the beauty and excitement that is mountain living.

  Amazon | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads



Jaxson Blog Tour



She had to pack up and move; leaving all the ghosts behind.

What she didn't expect; to meet the town's gorgeous damaged asshole.

Her best friend warned her, told her to stay away, but she couldn't.


One look into those damaged and empty eyes, she knew she saw her own

reflection. She was determine to peel away his layers.


Even though he scared the shit out of her, she knew their was a real

man hidden somewhere beneath that gorgeous stack of muscle and hair.


She will take a chance with Jaxson, breaking his walls down. After all,

a person with nothing has nothing left to lose.

Buy It Now for Only .99 cents 



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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Release Blitz Ravished By Jalek




A lost breathing mask is the least of Jalek’s problems… 

No nonsense Simona Crowley is great at what she does—even if she has to prove it at every turn. As a lead investigator for the Global Space Federation of Earth, she will stop at nothing to find the truth. 

When she follows a hunch to re-investigate the ghostly space station that became a global tragedy for the history books, Simona finds a strange apparatus that could very well be alien technology. Could this be the evidence that proves intelligent alien beings exist? 

Holding the contraption up for a better view, she’s caught off guard when a large, tall ‘astronaut’ intruder appears from heaven only knows where. Intent on finding out the truth about its origins, there’s no way Simona is letting him get his hands on the find of a lifetime—no matter how irresistible she finds him. 

Will Jalek be able to resist the seductive pull of this female or risk exposing her to the truth? A truth that could be the start of a multi-galactic war. 






























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