Monday, March 23, 2015

Crystal’s Unicorn (The Dark Prince and the Angel Chronicles) Jeannie  Wise
For a week only Crystal’s Unicorn will be just 99 cents at 8AM!!! Starting March 23rd for three days only, Don’t miss out!!!! You still have a chance to grab it on the March 26th at 4PM it will go to 1.99!  Do not pass the wonderful story up!!!
The once Archangel Vettorio was banished from the heavens cursed by the gods to become the earth's first Vampire. Tormented to walk the earth alone, craving company and some semblance of family he decided to create another of his kind, Selena. Selena however, is unable to control the power she has been given. She became the creature from which vampire evil and blood lusts were born. She is where the nightmare began! Selena spins further and further out of control when her beloved Vettorio grows distant. Selena's hatred and jealously grows and festers for over a thousand years, spawning a new era of death and destruction. Only one, born of true love can stop her. The prince born of darkness, Bonaventura is his father's only hope. Or, will he be to late…

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