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Revived By Malm 

Olodian Alien Warrior Romance Chronicles

 Book 2


Bestselling Author 

Mychal Daniels 

Sci-fi Fantasy Romance 




Who has time to miss coffee and chocolate when there’s an Alien Warrior superhero stealing hearts?

Clever with a bright future ahead of her, Dr. Phoebe Brown has it all— intelligence, an enviable career as a highly respected doctor, beauty and brains. That is until her life is endangered on a failing maintenance Space Station.

 A heroic rescue by a fleet of honorable, if not unbelievably sexy Warrior Aliens, places a now comatose Phoebe in a new alien world.

She wakes to find her entire life as she knew it is gone and she must start over—alone.

Malm is the ultimate warrior, committed to fulfilling his duty as second-in-command to his cousin and friend, Tordin. So, when he experiences an undeniable pull and extraordinary attraction for the sleeping human female, he wants nothing more than to get her safely to his planet. There she can find a male worthy of her and… away from him. 

Will Phoebe be able to create a new life after Earth—alone—when her heart longs for the attention and touch of the one man who is the least interested—the one with the emerald eyes called Malm.


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Mychal Daniels Interview



What has inspired you to become a writer?


I was in a grueling post-graduate program where I couldn’t work a job and needed to find an outlet for the stress. Looked into writing short stories and hopefully making a little money as well. 


I didn’t have a clue as to how to write fiction but managed to ‘angry-write’ a few short stories that were all over the place and published them to Amazon. Low and behold, they started selling and I developed a little bit of a following. I continued to write and better my writing craft. And slowly, my following of readers grew. 


It got to a point where I realized that this is what I wanted to do instead of becoming a college professor. So, I left that program and started writing full-time a few years ago. With each new book, I strive to write better than the last and have been rewarded with a growing following of loyal readers.




How do you come up with your characters and how do you make them so interesting?  


I’ve been told I have a witty sense of humor and way of looking at life. I see stories everywhere and like investigating to see how they could play out. Sometimes a character pops into my head and compels me to write his or her story. Other times, I have a dream about a story or free-write, allowing the story to evolve. 


The inciting incident and how my characters start their journeys have to be interesting and fun. If it doesn’t excite and grip me, it doesn’t get written. As for the interesting characters, I believe they don’t deserve to get an entire story unless they are interesting to begin with.


What makes your stories and books different than other books you have read? Everyone has their own style, what is yours?


This one is hard to answer. I believe the way I frame and deliver the story is the big difference. I’m very sensual in how I interact with my world and that is reflected in how I world build and present the story.  




Do you plan on writing any other genres?


I write romance and currently write in the sub-genres of Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Contemporary, Comedy, Suspense and New Adult. I think these will keep me busy for a while. 




Anything else you would like to discuss about you as a writer?


I believe developing a strong, healthy relationship with my readers is paramount to what and why I write. Finding the time, right amount of interaction and topics to share are the challenges I face and continue to work on as an author. I love my readers and want to make sure I deliver the stories they want and crave to read.






Getting to Know the Author as a Person



What do you like to do when you are not writing?


Reading and learning. I LOVE to read and find that I have to treat that as a reward to get my own writing done. Else, I will read all the time and neglect my own writing. 




What relaxes you when you need to unwind?


Again, reading a great story or even watching a great movie.




What are your favorite foods?


Shrimp and sweets. Although I’m not a big fan of chocolate. I can eat shrimp everyday—as long as it’s cooked properly. As for sweets, my sweet tooth is boundless.




Have you ever had any paranormal experiences?


When I was a child, I had an illness that put me in a coma. When I came out of it, my family told me I talked about meeting angels. In hindsight, I feel as if I had some sort of near-death experience. It’s that experience that helps me keep a wonder and creative spark going, to write in the genres I enjoy so much.




Tell us anything you would like your readers to know about Mychal Daniels.


I’m self-taught in my writing. This is a second career for me and I love it and all the readers.





About the Author:


Mychal Daniels grew up fantasizing about the wonderment of what ifs. This love spilled over into her ability to weave stories that arrested the attention of her siblings and friends. After going the way of the office drone for far too many seasons, she decided to follow her love of romance, fantasy and storytelling to create and share her highly imaginative take on the great what ifs. The result is these books that allow you to step into the world of her fanciful imagination. Enjoy and don't forget to leave a review while Mychal is off lassoing in your next book boyfriend!


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