Sunday, November 15, 2015

Release Blitz Cult of the Hexad

                                                                    Release Blitz 


Cult of the Hexad 

(Afterlife Sage Book 6)


Stephanie Hudson 

Paranormal Romance 

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I looked up as my head was forced into the position he wanted me in and the sight I saw was like someone dumping me into an icy river. A large mirror stood in front of us, one that was framed in the exact replica of our church’s main window. I couldn’t understand what I was seeing but more so the sight of me as my other self, the miserable part of me in the broken window that was no longer looking so desolate. No, she was long gone and in her place was a girl that only needed one word to describe her…

She was free. 

The blissful look on her face said there was nowhere in her world that she would rather be than in his arms. It wasn’t the frighten face of my world. It wasn’t the supressed girl’s hands that gripped onto his arm, holding him to her. It wasn’t the confiding coarse dress covering a body quivering at his touch. It was her, not me and for once I hated it! 

“I want it to be me.” I said and just for a few seconds her image flickered to mine. As soon as this happened I realised my mistake as it wasn’t me that he wanted…

It was her. 

His arm tightened painfully around my torso and anger over took his once lustful face. His eyes found my frightened ones staring back at him in the mirror and they ignited into a deep purple fire that blazed at the sight of which girl he held captive in front of him. 

“It can never be you!” He hissed through gritted teeth and then it happened. Time seemed to speed up and in a blurry of movement I only had enough time to see my doomed fate in the form of dangerous fangs flashing white before I felt them bury themselves into my jugular…


About the Author:

Stephanie Hudson has dreamed of being a writer ever since her obsession with reading books at an early age. What first became a quest to overcome the boundaries set against her in the form of dyslexia has turned into a life's dream. She first started writing in the form of poetry and soon found a taste for horror and romance. Afterlife is her first book in the series of seven, with the story of Keira and Draven becoming ever more complicated in a world that sets them miles apart.


When not writing, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her loving family and friends, chatting for hours with her biggest fan, her sister Cathy who is utterly obsessed with one gorgeous Dominic Draven. And of course spending as much time with her supportive partner and personal muse Blake who is there for me no matter what. 

My Love and devotion is to all of my wonderful fans that keep me going into the wee hours of the night but foremost to my wonderful daughter Ava...who yes, is named after a Demonic bird.


Afterlife Saga is going to be 7 books in total!


Stalk Stephanie she loves her fans!

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